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VICENS FORNER (UPFIC) Barcelone 1949

Starts photography in 1990.
Self-educated, iron sculptor, writer, photographer, chronicler of the Barceloneta, he possesses numerous photographic archives about the district and also about the Port of Barcelona. In 2016, he was awarded with the Honour Medal of the City of Barcelona for his work in this field. His pictures have been published in La Vanguardia, El País and El Periódico, among others. He collaborated to numerous books and displayed his pictures in various exhibition rooms of Barcelona. He devotes himself nowadays to a documentary work about daily life in the Old City and the Port, where he has been working for years

Firemen show of strength to support the referendum; Museum of History of Catalonia
The Generalitat announces 844 injured people. One of them has lost an eye due to the impact of a rubber ball
Une femme âgée agonit les Gardes Civils “ nous sommes des gens pacifiques, nous voulons juste voter”
The Spanish Military Police used batons to attack people, who were voting and did not represent a threat at all