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Photo : Marcelo Aurelio
Sergi Bernal (Barcelona, 1973).
Geographer and Photographer of human and engaged stories.

Crowned by the first prize of the Visa Off Photojournalism Festival of Perpignan in 2009 for hisproject “The human geography of the Great Drake”, a series of pictures depicting rural China. He realised reports about the fights of the social movements in Barcelona, the tragedy of the evicted families, the Sahraouian exile, and the hard life in the refugees camp of Daila (Algerian desert) … in 2010 he started a memory project around the pauper’s grave of Pedraia, Burgos, under the title “unearthing silence”. In this framework, he made investigations in order to recover an almost completely forgotten story, around a pauper’s grave gathering people murdered in 1936, namely the story of a Catalan disappeared and forgotten teacher.

This work obtained a grant at the Can Basté Photographic forum in 2010. The corresponding exhibition has been programmed in more than 35 Catalan and Spanish rooms. It also gave birth to a book “Antoni Benaiges the teacher who promised the sea” and a documentary “The portraitist” published by Blume, which has been projected during 4 months in the Girona movie halls of Barcelona.

One of his last works shows the tragedy of the deported people in the Nazi concentration camp of Buchenwald. Since he mixes present and past, the actors are young students from Santa Coloma

The project he is working to now is “Saint Philip Neri: a living yard bombed to death”. The project mixes the daily life of a school yard, which had been bombed 80 years ago by the fascist air forces. 45 persons were murdered, among them a majority of children.

Firemen for the Republic - the Institute Les Vignes in Santa Coloma de Gramenet
Aggressed persons in the Mediterranean School of the Barceloneta
Marching to the Parliament of Catalonia
Republicans at the crossroads of the Picasso alley and the Pujades Alley Independence declaration