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Pepa Vives

Pepa Vives is from Miravet (Lands of the Ebro). She is a free-lance photographer specializing in documental reporting. She takes part to various projects as a photographer since for her photography is at the same time a way to understand life and a weapon against injustice. She displayed her works in several cities of Catalonia and also abroad. She also contributed to various publications.

At the polling place installed in the Territorial offices of Tarragona, the day was quiet until the first hours of the afternoon when a fleet of 15 National Police anti-riot vans arrived with the intention to steal the ballot boxes. People stood in front of the building to impede the robbery and the policemen had to go back empty-handed. The boxes simply vanished. Tarragona October 1, 2017
Concentration in front of the Parliament for the beginning of the election of the Catalan president. Thousands of masks representing the face of President Puigdemont were distributed. Barcelona, January 30, 2018
Action of the Committees for the Defense of Republic. “Recovering the Parliament”. During the morning, the CDR concentrated beside the Parliament of Catalonia (the police impeded the access to the building) and all the grids were covered with yellow ribbons, as a symbol for fight and freedom Barcelona, January 17, 2018
With the label #primaveraCatalana, concentrations started throughout the Catalan Countries. During the demonstration “Burn injustice, be disobedient to the State”, people painted a series of tags asking for freedom for political prisoners.