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Patricia Bobillo Rodriguez is a free-lance photographer and carer, born in Barcelona in 1977. She is an inclusive feminist, supporter of the strategy “the more we are the better” Her work aims building a visual language in the framework of social justice and genre equality, and highlights silenced life stories. Stories which don’t get the o, the front cover of the medias but which highly concern the persons engaged for the Human Rights and for Committee on the elimination of discrimination against women (CEDAW).

She collaborated with various international cooperation NGO and she is the author of photographic projects such a “Oo be a Palestinian woman under Israeli occupation”, “To be a woman in Ngandanjika, Democratic Republic of Congo”, “Birth at home”, “Motherhood” in Tshiluba “NzubuWa Balele” First Award DATECUENTA 2016 or “Taking careof ourselves” among others. She publishes in various state medias and her work has been displayed in numerous exhibition rooms in Catalonia and in Spain as well.

Persons with older age leave the polling station after the vote, amongst smiles and shouts “I did it, I voted”. People with disabilities and older people cross the applauding and cheering crowd. The general respect and admiration for the most vulnerable citizens, become more and more obvious along the day at the Torrent d’en Melis polling station
GENERAL STRIKE: A group of persons is carrying the ballot boxes of the Catalan referendum during the general strike convoked by “Table for democracy” in solidarity for the persons who suffered the disproportionate use of violence on October, 1. 10/03/17 Barcelona
Despondency. A woman is listening to President Puigdemont’s speech, when he proclaims the independence of Catalonia and announces its immediate suspension for an unlimited duration 10/10/17 Barcelona
10/27 Celebration of the proclamation of the Republic of Catalonia on Sant Jaume’s Square in Barcelona. More than 17000 persons fill the streets around the Generalitat of Catalonia