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Mireia Canicio Ena (Terres de l’Ebre)

My passion for colour and for composition, as well as my constant quest for new frames and lights, make me really love this challenging and changing universe, I mean photography. Like a sculptor or a ceramist, who uses mug to give flesh to his dream, elements are not an obstacle for my objective; I often had to ignore extreme situations to take the best possible picture, looking continuously for these shadows and lights, these details and expressions. It has turned into a true addiction.

I like to experiment, and in each of my pictures, I like to create plasticity. The movement is like a heartbeat, the light is a too, which makes impossible arise by creating a visual fantasy.

National Day 2017, the crossroads of two main streets of the city of Barcelona is the frame of the mobilisation of the YES day, namely September 11. Both these streets draw, jointly with the Arago street and the Passeig de Gràcia a “plus” sign corresponding to the “yes” to independence and to the referendum of October 1 campaign
Posters denouncing the Police aggressions of October 1 with the mention “Never forget, never forgive” cover the walls of Girona.
A group of people of Mataró hammers yellow crosses to denounce “the death of democracy in the Spanish State”
Two moments of the “V”. The Meridiana avenue has turned into the Catalan Republic Avenue. Thousands of Catalans filled with colours the 135 sections - as many as the seats in Parliament- which will permit the vote of the ten main lines leading to the Catalan Republic