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Martin Gallego por Leopoldo Pome-s
Martin Gallego

Martin Gallego (Badalona, 1961) published several books and camera user manuals. A multidisciplinary photographer with a special inclination for close up nature photography and street shots, he provides training sessions on how to use the material and gives photographic technique courses. He recently has been included in the photographer’s list of the Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya. He is the ambassador of the Olympus brand. From 2012, he prioritizes his presence on the web rather than physical exhibitions.

He is currently working on several projects, and particularly on the events occurring in the framework of the independence process in Catalonia, always from the side of emotions and people’s experiences.

Pau Casals School, Badalona. The government threatened to close the schools hosting a polling station on October 1. This is the reason why, on Friday, after the closing of the courses, schools have been occupied by people from the district ready to keep them open until Sunday. All sorts of activities have been imagined in order for people to spend time, and a lot of them had to sleep in the hall, as we can see on the picture. At 3 o’clock, provocateurs burst in, but no one was injured.
17-10-17 Barcelona. The day after the Jordis detention, the first demonstration of a long series in favour of their liberation. People could not believe what was happening: we had political prisoners again!
With the cancellation of the Generalitat government and the Dissolution of Parliament, according to article 155, president Mariano Rajoy calls elections in Catalonia on December 21. The answer of the people has been non-violence and preparation of the vote. Polls don’t scare Catalans!
17-3-18 Barcelona, demonstration in favor of the public school. The Spanish Government was threatening the model of the Catalan school and once more, people went out on the streets to defend it. The consequences of the suspension of the Generalitat by the Spanish government according to article 155 are a disastrous: investments are blocked, projects are paralyzed and the government chosen by the vote of December 21 cannot be proclaimed. Europe is looking away.