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Lluís Brunet i Palou (Sabadell, 1954)

He started publishing press pictures in 1969 and collaborated with newspapers like la Vanguardia or El Correo Catalan and in 1976 he finally opened his own studio. He then specialized in advertisement photography, photojournalism and reports about social movements, and has been a pioneer in digital pictures as well as in picture processing and sending technologies.

In 2009 he made a retrospective exhibition at the Fine Art Academy of Sabadell under the title “Light, picture and ethics””. In the 2010 decade, he devoted himself to an exhaustive report about the Catalan Separatist Process. In 2011 he published with Liz Castro What Catalans Want, a book  in which Toni Strubell made 35 interviews of Catalan characters to make people around the world understand the Catalan reality. In 2017 he received the Dignitat Award 2016 for his social commitment for his country besides the photojournalists Jordi Borras and Roser Villalonga.

September 24, 2017. Jordi Sanchez and Jordi Cuixart show the ballots for October 1, while the Spanish Police are searching everywhere in quest for ballot boxes and ballots in order to prevent the referendum
October 7, 2012. Shouting out in the Camp Nou in favour of the Independence during the match opposing the FC Barcelona to the real Madrid. The majorty of the supporters crowding the stadium demanded the independence of Catalonia 17 minutes and 14 seconds after the starting of the first half among various further politic actions like the hanging of a giant Catalan flag.
October 1, 2017. The antiriot policemen entered the colleges with batons, by breaking glasses and locks, took the ballot boxes and the ballots in order to stop the vote
September 30,2014. Demonstration in favour of November 9, and against the decision of the Constitutional Court to suspend the consultation after the legal recourse by the Spanish Government