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Jose Manuel Gutiérrez Caballero

José Manuel Gutiérrez Caballero. Photojournalist of Vic born in 1977, works at NacióDigital since its creation in 1996, and is member of the Board of Directors. Beside photography, as New Formats Manager, he is in charge of the program, web and analysis strategy.  Partner and technical manager of Sobrevia.Net, digital strategy consultant.

January 7, 2016. The people demands an agreement between the CUP and JxSI in order to form a government. The agreement finally takes place with Arthur Mas’ withdrawing and Carles Puigdemont’s proclamation as President of Catalonia
September 11, 2016: demonstration of the Separatist left for Catalonia’s National day
October 1é, 2017 unionist fascist Spanish group marching to Montjuich with fascist symbols an Nazi salutes.
October 1, 2017. Barricade built by the people in order to defend the vote place installed in the Industrial School of Barcelona