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J.Secall per Carles Gomez
Jordi Secall i Pons

As a photographer, I am interested in the subjects, which affect us as a society. I shot Barcelona during the urbanistic speculation of the beginning of the 2000 decade, when the official press was diabolizing the squatters, the most critical voices about the “system”. I snapped the city in black and white and in 35mm. Then I used video supports and now, with the Catalan revolution, I am working with a digital color camera.

This fight for independence is a dream, which I couldn’t have foreseen a few months ago. I tried, inside defined limits, to snap the most important moments, i.e. those which really inspired me during Muriel Casals’ “Smiles revolution”. It is an eminently pacific revolution gathering all kind of characters and social classes, like all revolutions do. I left by side dramatic elements in order to privilege a more humoristic representation and various points of view corresponding to the spirit of those smiles. Even if this is my own revolution, I am watching it with surprise: I like this Catalan discipline, this strict and pacific radicalism beyond flags. The confrontation with the Spanish State seems to be blocked. Maybe we woke up to early. Unfortunately, prisoners and exiles are a too heavy ballast of reality: they exhaust our fight. This state of affairs puts the struggle for the Catalan republic in the background. Will it go on?

Barcelona, September 20, 2017. « They want us silent and in cage» - the Guardia Civil enters various offices of the Generalitat de Catalunya, in order to find proofs and clues relating to the organization of the self-determination referendum
Barcelona, October 3, 2017. « The most pacific general strike » - The Generalitat firemen, the volunteer firemen and the firemen of the city of Barcelona accompanied the independence process and calmed passions among the most excited demonstrators
Barcelona, October 21, 2017. « It’s enough. No single step back » - Big demonstration to demand freedom for the Jordis. People also claim for republic and still trust Europe.
Barcelona, March 23, 2018 « Claiming for those, who are not here, too » - Protest in front of the Spanish Government Delegation against the detention of Dolors Bassa, Raul Romeva, Jordi Turull, Josep Rull and Carme Forcadell, and against Marta Rovira’s exile as well.