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Jordi Batet

Jordi Batet is 55. He is from Barcelona and professional metallurgist. For some years he is a passionate photographer and for much longer a convinced separatist. He feels at the same time sadness and impotence when showing with his camera the moments we are living in Catalonia. He is not fond of street pictures, he rather likes to snap nature and more especially birds, but he couldn’t remain idle, seeing what was happening under his eyes.

Both pictures have been taken on March 23, 2018, day of the return of the Catalan politicians in jail, around half ten, near the Delegation of the Spanish government in Barcelona, more concretely between the Valence and the Roger de Lluria streets.

Given the moments we are living in Catalonia, these picture are usual. Nonviolence is the motto of the Separatists and people respect it.

« Freedom for the political prisoners » with the vans of Mossos d’Esquadra parked at an angle in order not to let us through, shows the limits imposed by armed police forces (some of the weapons used are probably illegal in Catalonia), and also the disregard for the freedom of expression. At that moment the Mossos d’Esquadra were withdrawing, since the situation got tenser, but it doesn’t change anything.
Picture 2, shows the Mossos d’Esquadra organising a blockade to impede us to access to the Delegation of the Spanish Government in Barcelona in order to protest against the injustice suffered by our politicians. There, the situation was quieter at the end of the concentration, but people still exchange defiant looks, as we can see.