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Joan Safont Martí (1950, Terrassa)

“To share picture with their actors is priceless, without them, there’s nothing possible. The way designed by this people’s track is recovering and will probably have to face the fierce tracks and cheap shots of those who can’t and don’t want to understand the meaning of democracy.”

Documental photography teacher at the university “Tecnicampus Mataró, he is writing the track of the way to Independence from the very starting point of the movement in Arenys de Munt in 2009.

Recently, we made a collective exhibition with the ANC in Mataró under the title “A standing people” as well as a video summarizing the events of last year. It was projected in public in front more than 900 viewers, among which the families of the political prisoners.

A Fashion, advertisement, nature and travel photographer. Two expeditions in the Himalaya chain on peaks higher than 8000 m, namely the Cho Oyou and the Lothse Shar. Reports about the blindness in Africa and in the Middle east.  Monographies about Syria, Cappadocia, documentaries about the grey seal in Donna Nook (England), the European Pygargs in Poland, the sea birds in Scotland and various deserts : Algeria, Morocco, Turkey, Egypt and Jordan.