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Fractures Collective

Exhibition at the Passengers restaurant, Place Rigaud.

Fractures Collective is a group of audiovisual creators and documentary photographers created in 2011 in Barcelona. Our mission is to promote mutual support and horizontal debate, both within our own documentary practice, and in the different environments and contexts to which we feel linked: spaces of artistic creation, journalistic research and social activism. The search for solidarity guides our work. We attempt to approach the stories we tell in a critical but respectful way. It is our intention that the stories we tell and the collaborators with him we work form an engine for constant debate.
In the panorama of increasing media hegemony, we think it is important to make space for different positions and viewpoints in order to allow for the questioning of established structures. We approach our collaborators, not with the intention of giving voice – because we know that they already have it – but with the intention of empowering these multiple voices to promote greater and deeper discussion. We consider it is through the diversity of experiences, visions and needs of our collaborators that we aim to contribute to the creation of cross-sectional relationships and promote the development of both our individual and collective’s capacity for growth.