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Eva Comella Pons (Barcelona 1971)

Amateur photographer. Likes street and social photography
Life offers plenty of unique moments and I love snapping their very essence. For me, photography is the best way to express my feelings and my approach of life around me.
Before October 1, I already intended to catch the emotions of the people of our great small country.

“To decide the future of the country belongs to democracy” A few days before October 1, in front of the Spanish State’s reactions and of the police searches of September 10, numerous campaigns take place in favour of the referendum. September 25, 2017, University Square.
“small things that make us grow” These are the habitants of the UB gardens. Every day an old man brings them water and food. This picture has been taken on September 25, 2017 on University Square.
“My country is so small that my heart contains it” Demonstration to demand the Jordis’ liberation on 10-21-2017: crossroads of Passeig de Gràcia and Gran via de les Corts Catalanes. The singer Lluís Llach is a key figure, who gives us strength in this so difficult moment for Catalonia
“Claim in favour of freedom” General strike of 11-8-2017. Sant Jaume Square is completely crowded. People demand freedom for the political prisoners. The feelings of the people were just incredible, great sadness, wrath and impotence in front of the suffered injustice