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Ernest Costa

Ernest Costa i Savoia is from Bescano by heart and birth (1940), from Barcelona by proximity and from Fontcoberta by will. I walk, I stop, I see and look, I listen, I speak, I snap, I write. “Ernest is the one, who made most voluptuously love to the country, because the country also made love with him and showed him places it never showed to anyone before. It proves their huge mutual love” (Enric Larreula)

October 1st was drawing near and I needed to be on the street to share those hours I had been dreaming of all my life.  It was October 20, and I could’nt leave my little comarca, the pla de l’estany. I didn’t think of taking pictures. After a while I realized the diversity and the profusion of visual manifestations. I had to take pictures and to be everywhere. There were ten hectic days, full of intense emotions, and I made a lot of pictures which gave birth to the book “We did vote”. I didn’t stop taking snaps because I wanted us to go on standing. Active and full of hope. Standing.