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Enrique Campaner

Born in Barcelona in 1973, self-educated until 2003, when he starts studying photography at the International Photography School GRISART of Barcelona. After a series of travels in India, Africa and Nepal, he opts for photojournalism. Installed in Baixas (northern Catalonia) for two years, he collaborates to various projects about the “Retirada” and the French concentration camps. From October 1st, he has been snapping all the relevant events in Barcelona.

He displays a series of pictures made during four important days in Barcelona from October1, 2017 to July 14, 2018. Medias have been publishing and showing a lot of violent pictures around the Process and more particularly the violent repression on October 1st. Those days have been for everybody, days of uncertainty.

All these pictures have been taken without determined purpose and have been taking shape along this last year. On October 1, I went to Barcelona to see what was happening and I decided to go to the Miquel Tarradell Institute. A rainy day with a massive participation of the voters, and without any problem, since the Police did not intervene in this institute. On the following days, on October 10, 2017 and October 17, 2017, with the independence declaration, things were very intense although very wise at Separatist level. I was the witness of these movements and demonstrations.

My most powerful feeling was the energy of the people and this is what can give a sense to these pictures, I mean this “no violence at all” motto given by the Separatist, a true reference for other places and lands which want to defend a culture. On October 27, the counterpart was a demonstration in favour of the Spanish unity throughout Barcelona, with some violent incidents.

Months went by and the wise Catalans still are following the same way in order to obtain justice and to be a reference for other countries: “don’t let small cultures vanish”.

On July 14, 2018, a demonstration in favour of the liberation of the exiles and prisoners gathered more than 300000 people from Spain Square to the “Model” prison, in the presence of politicians and relatives of the exiles and prisoners. The CDR (Committees in Defence of the Republic) occupied the “Model” prison:  a pacific manifesto against Spanish justice.

October 27, 2017. Unionists gathered on Spain Square. The same day the Mossos (Catalan Police) arrested a man suspected to be the perpetrator of various violent attacks throughout Barcelona.
July 14, 2018. The demonstration started at the crossroads of the Tarragona and the Deputació streets with posters and pictures of the politic prisoners
July 14, 2018 Quim Torra greets the demonstrators before the starting of the march
July 14, 2018. Demonstrators massively arrive in front of the “Model” Prison in Barcelona. O that day, more than 300000 people demonstrate in Barcelona