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Eduard Marquès i Mora (Tivissa, 1957)

Photographer specialising in the landscape pictures, his usual working places are the Natural Parcs of the Empordà moors, of the Creus Cape and of the Albères Mountains. Through his pictures, he intends to make people know the importance of this natural richness and make the population aware of the importance and worth of the landscapes of these lands. He uses the long exposition technique, refusing any digital manipulation. He takes part in workshops and collective as well as in individual exhibitions.

One of the most important actions aimed to exert pressure is the cutting of the International highway AP 7. The AP7 is the Mediterranean corridor taken by thousands of lorries every day to provide the European market; it is the economic spearhead of the Mediterranean Arch and thereby, of a good part of the Spanish Stat. On the picture, the young men with the longboard embodies the Catalan people, who want to slide to freedom like a pacific people. Despite the barricade made with tyresn, the Estelada (the Catalan flag) never was burnt during the cutting of the road.
Protests on March 30 on the beaches of Argelès, Port de la Selva and Cadaquès. The protest campaign culminated in March, when thousands of groups of citizens participated in a coordinated way to the plantation of yellow crosses on the beaches of some of the most famous sea resorts of the Costa Brava, just before the Holy week. This participative action permitted the Catalan citizens to express their protests while demanding freedom, justice and democracy, which seem to have disappeared in this part of Europe.
All the protests expressed by the most pacific Catalan people have been repressed in a totally disproportionate way by the Spanish State. During the application of the article 155 cancelling the Catalan autonomy, every demonstration, even the most pacific one, meant a smashing of any protest by the Spanish repression forces. This picture shows this disproportionate repressive force supposed to silence the people.