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Dolors Gibert

(Figueres), As a photographer, she has a long professional course, which made her collaborate with numerous agencies and publishing houses as well as to display her pictures in art galleries and in the framework of various events. In 2001 she received, among other distinctions and awards, the AFT Lux Award (Association of Spanish Photographers)

During all these years, she experienced various techniques which helped her to define her own way to understand photography.

Her pictures have been published in various books and reviews. She also conceived various exhibitions, among which : Death Dance, Water, Women, All Saints, Empordà, Templars, Miscellaneous, Nature and land, Slowness, From street to stage, The revolution of smiles….

While experiencing various esthetical approaches, she intensified for some years her work as a photojournalist. She is member of the picture union UPFIC

Carles B. Gorbs

(Barcelona) is both a journalist and a publisher. He writes the texts which illustrate Dolors Gibert’s pictures. He has been collaborating with various written press medias (El Periódico, Made in Catalonia, Integral, Ecoxarxa, La Vanguardia, TV3, TV Girona, Interviú, Época…) as well as with a dozen of local revues as well as associative and institutional publications. He is also has favoured the implementation of local televisions like GRÀCIA TV, which he founded and managed and with which he still collaborates.

His communication agency (Gorbs Comunicació) works for private and public institutions and collaborates with press and communication agencies and medias. As a publisher, he published about sixty books in all kind of literary genres.

He is member of the  Board of directors of the picture union UPFIC

Conference (07/06/2017) at the National Theatre of Catalonia about the guarantees of the October 1 referendum in presence of the whole Catalan government and of the deputies supporting the ballot.
Mass demonstration in Girona to demand the freedom of the prisoners: Jordi Cuixart, president on the cultural association ÒMNIUN and Jordi Sánchez, president of the Catalan National Association (ANC). (10/08/2017)
October 3, 2017. General strike in order to support the results of the referendum and against police violence.
January and February 2018. Several demonstrations take place to demand freedom for the exiles and political prisoners.