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Dolors Ayxendri Gairal (Tarragona, 1955)

Autodidact. Pictures always interested me. Since 2008, the development of new technologies permitted me to develop my passion in a more continue way, and to go on learning, snapping moments, places and small pieces of things, which I like. The exhibitions experience started when I got in touch with other photographers amateurs online.

Barcelone, September 11, 2017 - Catalan National Day demonstration
Tarragona, March 24, 2018 - The CDR of Tarragona cut the A7 highway, on the road to Tarragona, asking for freedom for the political presoners.
Tarragona, September, 17 2017 - Main demonstration of the CUP YES campaign in Tarragona Square Dels Carros
Tarragona March 30, 2018 - Holy Friday procession around Tarragona’s prison