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David Palomera Zaidel

I was born in Barcelona, I grew up there, and I live there. I made economy studies and I passionately like to snap moments around me. I started with the anagogic photography three years ago, as I still was studying in Sweden and I entered for the first time a black room. I bought a Canon AE-A and now I take it with me as often as I can. I believe picture must be made and developed with critical spirit, consciousness, memory and heart. I learned a lot by participating in the associative circle La Perversa in Barcelona, a space for analogic pictures where I found people who wanted to know a little bit more every day about this thrilling world of light, life and technique.

Guardia civil car parked in front of the door of the Ministry of Economy on the Rambla de Catalunya during the building search by the Police. Demonstrators climbed on the car in orderto protest against the Police action. The Jordis also climbed on, the evening of the same day, to proclaim the end of the demonstration.
Final concentration after the Students’ demonstration on October 2, which completely filled the stretch between the Square of the University and the Square of Catalonia. When the picture was shot, people started to sing the Catalan national hymn, the Cant dels segadors.
Demonstration during the general strike (or stoppage) of October 3, on the Diagonal Avenue
Head of a demonstration stretch during the strike (or stoppage) on October 3, on the Passeig de Gràcia.