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Dani Codina

“I was born in Barcelona on February 29, 1968 and, almost like everybody, I began to take pictures with a green color camera, from those that when you open a cover and a laughing caress pops out. Then, With the first trips, came the photos to remember the places visited and to be able to explain in images what he could not do with words.

I started studying at the Escola de Fotografia Gris Art and later I continue with Image and Sound to enter the professional world through the Vision Agency, where I have the opportunity to meet some of the best photographers in our house – and also from outside – and see the day to day work.

Over the years, working and having fun with photos adds the satisfaction of making friends thanks to photography. Some are photographers, others are photographed, and others, at least, are photographic. From my work, what I like most is the contact with people, take photos where human activity is the protagonist, and even if it is possible to become part of the moment. A pastor with his flock, some castellers doing three of eight below, a procession of Easter, a farmer who puts an olive tree … And as a complement, landscape photography, architecture, where space , light and time take on another importance. “

Currently, Dani Codina works as a free-lance and has published his photographs and reports in Altaïr, Avui, Discover Catalonia, GEO, The Israeli Geographical, All Tourism, National Geographic Travel, etc. He has also collaborated in local media such as Barcelona Metropolis Mediterrani, Barcelona Plus, La Veu del Carrer, etc., and has participated in various collective exhibitions, such as “Travel Photography” at Laboratorio Pro 40 (1995), l The itinerant exhibition on the refugee camps by the Catalan Association of Friends of the Saharawi People (1996) or the photographic exhibition “Els castellers de Barcelona” at the Ateneu Barcelonès (1999). Some of their reports are represented by the Zoom Agency and is a member of the UPIFC (Union of Professionals of the Image and Photography of Catalonia).

Començo els estudis a l’Escola de Fotografia Gris Art i més tard continuo amb Imatge i So, per entrar al món professional a través de l’Agència Vision, on tinc l’oportunitat de conèixer alguns dels millors fotògrafs de casa nostra -i també de fora- i veure el dia a dia de la seva feina.

Van passant els anys, i al fet de treballar i passar-m’ho bé fent fotos, s’hi afegeix la satisfacció de fer amics gràcies a la fotografia. Alguns són fotògrafs, altres fotografiats i, altres, si més no, fotografiables. De la meva feina, el que més m’agrada és el contacte amb la gent, fer fotos on l’activitat humana és protagonista i, fins i tot, si es pot, arribar a formar part del moment. Un pastor amb el seu ramat, uns castellers fent un tres de vuit per sota, una processó de Setmana Santa, un pagès que pentina una olivera… I com a complement, la fotografia de paisatge, d’arquitectura, on l’espai, la llum i el temps prenen una altra importància.”

Actualment, Dani Codina treballa com a free-lance i ha publicat les seves fotografies i reportatges a Altaïr, Avui, Descobrir Catalunya, GEO, The Israelí Geographical, Todo Turismo, Viajes National Geographic, etc. També col·labora en mitjans d’àmbit local com Barcelona Metròpolis Mediterrània, Barcelona Plus, La Veu del Carrer, etc i ha participat en diverses exposicions col·lectives, com ara “Fotografia de viatges” al Laboratori Pro 40 (1995), l’exposició itinerant sobre els campaments de refugiats per l’Associació Catalana d’Amics del Poble Saharaui (1996) o la I mostra fotogràfica “Els castellers de Barcelona” a l’Ateneu Barcelonès (1999). Alguns dels seus reportatges estan representats per l’Agència Zoom i és membre de la UPIFC (Unió de Professionals de la Imatge i la Fotografia de Catalunya).

(Barcelona 01-10-2018)
First anniversary of the referendum. At a demonstration convened by various entities, including the ANC and Òmnium, 180,000 people made it clear that it was not enough to commemorate a vote for which they had fought and won.
(Terrassa 02-12-2018)
"They will never be able to imprison ideas," Jordi Cuixart, president of Òmnium Cultural, the largest civic and cultural entity in Europe. On 1 December, Òmnium set up stands throughout the country to inform of the campaign against the trial of political prisoners and democracy.
Vaga General 21F (21-02-2019)
(Barcelona 21/02/2019)
General strike of 21F. "It's not a trial, it's a shame." Catalan citizens are mobilizing for one of the most important strikes since the referendum. Thousands of people call for "democracy" and "for the freedom of the prisoners" and against the judgment against the referendum in the unitary demonstration of Barcelona, while organizing blockages of the circulation on all the territory.