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Brigitte Boher i Respaut (Perpignan, 1962).

Since my parents are north-Catalan (Ria) and South-Catalan (Barcelona) respectively, the Catalan cause is very important to me. I am fond of photography since childhood. Although self-educated, I am now for 6 years a professional photographer specializing in sports photography (especially rugby), concerts and events.

01-04-2018 Concert per la Llibertat in Alenyà. On stage: Ramon Faura (Angelets de la Terra), Jean-André Magdalou (Mayor of Alenyà), Antoine Parra (Mayor of Argelès-sur-Mer), Pierre Roge (Mayor Latour-Bas-Elne), Francoise Fiter (vice-president of the department 66), Nicolas Garcia (vice-president of Department 66) and Daniel Cornellà (mayor of Celrà).
28-03-2018 Cassolada per la Llibertat ( pans beating) organized by the Angelets de la Terra in front of the Spanish Consulate to demand the release of the political prisoners and the return of the exiles.
01-04-2018 Concert per la Llibertat in Alenyà. The public in the old cellars of Ecoiffier Park.